"Wait a minute. This sounds like rock and/or roll."

Speed Boat for Process Improvement

Back in January I had the privilege of attending a Software Advisory Committee meeting at SolutionsIQ that was facillitated by Luke Hohmann of Innovation Games. Among the many great games we played was one called Speed Boat. Today I had the opportunity to facilitate an Agile Retrospective for the Product Development team at Imprev using Speed Boat. I was very pleased with the outcome and thought I would share my experience.
After an introduction and a nice drawing on the white board by our resident Flash design expert

the whole team sat down and wrote their “anchors” for about 5 minutes. The team then placed their anchors at various depths according to the perceived “weight” of the anchor.

After a bit of logical grouping each team member cast three votes on which group we should focus on.

The result was a surprise to me. As the defacto “system owner” for our wiki I have been operating under the impression that no one really cared about or used it — and have been giving it the attention it deserved based on that impression. At this point we made a short list of tactical things we, as a team, can improve: I had no idea the team cared about our wiki nor that they had specific ideas to improve it AND would pick it as the top thing to fix in our retrospective.  Confluence 101 class will be facilitated by me tomorrow.  Our next retrospective will be in one week and “wiki” will not show up as an anchor.  Our Speed Boat will be slightly faster.


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