"Wait a minute. This sounds like rock and/or roll."


So my wife is trekking in Nepal with Above and Beyond Cancer for three weeks and I am playing single dad with my 3rd and 6th grade kids.  I knew there was no way I could keep track of all of the kids various activities not to mention my own busy schedule even though my wife had meticulously documented everything in our shared Google calendar.  So the first thing I did the day she left was to set up a Kanban board on the sliding glass door that leads to our back yard.  This is the single most visible space in the entire house — it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.  I knew for it to be useful my board had to be extremely visible.  Next I instituted a new program with the kids — each Sunday we would spend a half hour planning the upcoming week: what homework is due?  what sports activities are there?  what play practices? etc.  Those cards went up top; color coded by person.  Then each night we would spend 5 minutes planning the _next_ day; moving the cards from the top section to the “Today” section.

Mack with Kanban board


We are now one full week in and so far it has been smooth sailing.  No missed homework, no missed practices, good meals each night and the house is reasonably clean!  I even got my son to pick up dog poop in the yard so he could move a card to “done.”

Jack and Mack with Kanban board

Jack and Mackenzie

Update 10/2/2012:

My parents came over to help out for a couple of days.  My mother reviewed the Kanban board and with a puzzled look said:

“Isn’t that stressful to see all of the things you have to do?”

To which I replied:

“Not as stressful as NOT seeing it!”



2 responses

  1. Pretty sure it won’t be long before the dog poop card is back on the “to do” list. Go Flash, gittim!

    October 3, 2012 at 9:24 am

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