"Wait a minute. This sounds like rock and/or roll."

Merry Christmas FedEx

I was out for a ride this morning with four other riders from the First Strike Velo bike racing team on the north end of Seattle.  We were riding on a quiet rural road in a tight paceline when the last rider called out “CAR BACK!”. This is a group of very experienced bike racers so we quickly moved as far to the right as possible and maintained our tight paceline. Moments later a full size FedEx delivery truck buzzed us, no more than 12″ away, and probably traveling close to 45mph. This was along a straight stretch of road with clear visibility and no other vehicles in sight. Luckily since we are all experienced riders no one panicked and we stayed our course instead of bailing into the ditch, or worse into the the FedEx truck.

About a half mile up the road the driver pulled into a driveway of a house, so I snapped a few photos:

FedEx Truck #99419

FedEx Truck #99419

I guess driving a FedEx truck isn’t that fun of a job this time of year.  I’m sure the number of deliveries goes through the roof with the Christmas shopping season now in full swing. It’s no wonder some of these drivers get so angry!

FedEx Truck #99419

So Merry Christmas FedEx, and especially to you, the driver of truck #99419.


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